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RSVP for an Upcoming Giving Event

To help us plan, guests and members are asked to register for each quarterly event using the form below. Guests are welcome to make donations and members agree to make a donation of $100 every quarterly event. All proceeds will be given to deserving local charities in the Boston North area. Members agree to fulfill their donation commitment even if they do not attend or cast their vote for the charity selected by the majority vote. The selected charity (and Grapevine) will mail tax receipts to the address entered in the registration form below. 

Sign up for Grapevine to make your quarterly donations electronically (you can make a one-time payment or choose a subscription OR bring a blank check to each event. The name of the selected charity will be added to your check after member voting. We are not able to accept cash donations.

Members, if you cannot make it but would like to vote in absentia, please email by midnight the day prior to the giving event. 

Upcoming events: June 11, 2024, September 10, 2024, December 10, 2024, March 11, 2025

We’d love to see you at our next event...
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How will you make your quarterly payment?

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